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Pareto Chart On Excel

The Pareto diagram is a diagram that displays classified defects or failures in descending order, together with the accumulated values. The chart is useful when examining the failures of defects that most be corrected, in other words, serious problems.

It is very tedious to prepare Pareto Chart manually. It consumes more time if Pareto Chart will be prepared using pencil and paper. You can now download Pareto Chart On Excel for free.

Pareto Chart On Excel can generated in easily in several different project applications. But everyone has no access to this special project application. Fortunately, Pareto Chart On Excel is being used as an analysis tool which can be generated easily using Microsoft Office Excel application.

Pareto Chart On Excel generates your chart in minute. It saves your time and effort. All you have to do is to input the raw data and in just a minute your Pareto Chart On Excel will be generated. So you can easily pinpoint the root cause of the problem shown in Pareto Chart On Excel and establish effective countermeasure to prevent and eliminate the re-occurrence of problem.

You can use Pareto Chart On Excel to present your project in order to have a good visual control to find the true root cause of the problem.

Pareto Chart On Excel

You have to make analysis for the Reject 1, Reject 2, and Reject 3 using Pareto Chart On Excel to find the root cause of the rejects and to established effective countermeasures. If we eliminated these three rejects, 72%
of the rejection rate was reduced.

The first step is to gather your data and arranged the data in descending order. Once all required data was arranged, all you have to do is to input those data in Pareto Chart on Excel and your Pareto Chart On Excel will be graphed automatically in minutes. Once the chart was generated using Pareto Chart On Excel, you have to select the first three problems to analyze. You have to conduct brainstorming and utilized the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) Cycle to come up with the true root cause of the problem.

Once the true root cause was identified for each three rejects shown in Pareto Chart On Excel, you have to formulate actions and countermeasure through brainstorming. If the appropriate action was decided, it will now be implemented at a decided method, time, person in-charge, and place. Verification will now be done to check if the decided actions are effectively solved the problem as shown in Pareto Chart On Excel. If the actions were not effective, Pareto Chart On Excel will be used again to established a new pareto chart to be used again to analyze the problem. In this stage, PDCA Cycle will be utilized until the problem was totally eliminated.

Free Download: Pareto Chart On Excel

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